Flexo Sleeves

Several sleeves types and models and options
  1. Milled slot
    Milled slot
    Fixes the sleeve in place
  2. Tech Bridge® Hard
    Tech Bridge® Hard
    High quality Hard Coated Bridge Sleeve is suitable for all plate sleeves
  3. 3d printed sleeve
    3d printed sleeve
    The latest patented innovation of Tech-Sleeves
  4. Outer metal ring with pin (option)
    Outer metal ring with pin (option)
    Reinforced ring with pin increases durability
  5. Sealed Edges (option)
    Sealed Edges (option)
    Protects the core from damage by ink and solvents
  6. Tech Cart®
    Tech Cart®
    To transport printing sleeves, anilox sleeves and/or bridges from the storage to the production department and back
  7. Miller ball valves
    Miller ball valves
    Better pressure distribution / More sleeve lengths suitable for bridge
  8. Inner metal ring (option)
    Inner metal ring (option)
    Most strong and durable slot solution
  9. TIR Measurement System
    TIR Measurement System
    To analyses the quality of the printing sleeve or cylinder by measuring the ‘3D landscape’ of the surface
  10. Metal Cutting Line (option)
    Metal Cutting Line (option)
    Helps the operator with cutting and prevents sleeve damage
  11. Tech Sleeve® Hard
    Tech Sleeve® Hard
    Standard Hard Coated - Conductive or Nonconductive
  12. Tech Sleeve® Soft (option)
    Tech Sleeve® Soft (option)
    Helps reducing bouncing and using the economy thin tape
  13. Tech Sleeve® Thin
    Tech Sleeve® Thin
    Thin economy Sleeve
  14. Tech Bridge® Soft
    Tech Bridge® Soft
    For Seamless sleeves
  15. Bayonet Lock
    Bayonet Lock
    With this slot the mandrel and bridge are inseparable
  16. Sleeve Storage System
    Sleeve Storage System
    allows easy access, storage and retrieval of sleeves with an optional Semi-automatic feature
  17. Seemless Sleeves
    Seemless Sleeves
    Photopolymer & Laser Engraved rubber
  1. Tech-Sleeves
  2. Sleeve Storage System - Tech Sleeves
    This element represents the description field.
  3. TIR Measurement system
    For flexographic printing sleeve
  4. Tech Sleeves Animation
  5. Plate Demounter
    Removing flexo plate and tape without damage
  6. Twinlock
    The self Adhesive Sleeves