About Us
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​​ Who we are:
  • Orion Co. is a privately owned company providing international industrial solutions.
  • We have 3 offices in Riyadh, Dubai, and Damascus, to serve Middle East market.
  • Our experience in the industry started 1997, and have established ourselves as leading providers in 2004.
  • ​We cover the entire value chain and scope of industrial plant development from single unit machines, accessories, and equipment to complete production lines.

Our fields:

  • Printing Industry.
  • Packaging Industry.
  • Plastic Industry.

Our Principles:
  • We choose carefully the market's leader principles of each sector of our fields.
  • It is our duty and responsibility to guarantee the best quality products as well as the professional services after sale.
Our Philosophy:
  • We do not interrupt but support the direct connection between our principals and customers.
  • We facilitate the mission of our principals by guiding them to the correct customers who can utilize their latest technologies.
  • "Lose a deal and win a customer", We advise honestly our customers with the best solutions that suite and serve their needs no matter if it guides to a deal or not